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How many parents are really mentally preparing their young wards for school?

Is your child ready?


June 11, 2012

Back to School: Kindergarten children crying inconsolably on their first day of school after a long summer break. Photo: Nagara Gopal

Back to School: Kindergarten children crying inconsolably on their first day of school after a long summer break. Photo: Nagara Gopal

Learning experiences prior to starting school are crucial to a child's subsequent academic success

The new academic year is about to begin. Parents of young children who are starting school this year are gearing up for the D-day. They are doing the rounds of various malls and swanky stores to buy colourful school bags, fancy water bottles, pencil boxes and not to forget the all-important tiffin boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Yet how many parents are really concerned about mentally preparing their young wards for school? School readiness is an important aspect of a child's academic life which is often sadly ignored by parents. Parents must become aware that the learning that takes place prior to the child starting formal schooling is crucial to academic success in later years.

Educationists and pre-primary school teachers believe that parents should expose their children to early learning experiences, skills, concepts and knowledge. There are a number of desirable readiness skills that will help young children to have a better start when the school begins. For example, the success of skill in reading depends on the development of language in a child. Before learning to read and write the child should be able to express himself clearly and to understand others.

Hence, the parent should first provide children with such experiences which promote language development, before the formal introduction to reading and writing begins.

Activities such as storytelling, indulging in conversation, encouraging the child to solve riddles, puzzles, learning rhymes for fun, indulging in ' make believe' play and taking them on excursions are excellent means to aid language development.

During the preparatory stage, it is also necessary to encourage the child in activities like colouring pictures, or completing a picture by joining dots, copying patterns, tracing over copied forms and shapes. These activities will sharpen the child's visual skills and prepare him better for reading and writing.

Education of every child begins at birth. The child's capacity to learn is greatly influenced by his family and the environment he lives in. Some parents in their zeal to make the child school ready, force him to sit for long periods of time to write. A child at this stage should never be forced. He should be given the freedom to learn at his own pace.

Children are attracted to bright colours. So always try to present things in bright and vibrant colours and big sizes to him. Also, see that colours are easily distinguishable, for example, take green and red and not green and blue. Plan activities that will help in the cognitive development of concepts such as size, shape position, volume, position, direction, big and small, more and less, long and short and so on. A word of caution here: Teaching must be age-appropriate.

In order to ensure a continuous learning process, the practice of teaching should be distributed systematically so that the learner, after having acquired the skill, continues to develop it. It is also very important to teach self-help skills of toilet training, dressing/undressing, eating, and drinking and the basic rules of personal hygiene to the young child.

Teach the child to express his needs, respond to his name, and develop in him the capacity to follow simple instructions. He should also be made to recognise his name in print from a group of names.

Provide opportunities for the child to spend time with people other than the family members occasionally so that when he has to spend any extended time away from the family at school, the experience will not be too overwhelming for him.

Lastly, remember that children are born with an inquisitive nature. It is important for a parent to keep that spark alive and to make learning fun and not seem like drudgery.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

‘Samacheer kalvi' benefits matriculation schools

'Samacheer kalvi' benefits matriculation schools


MADURAI, June 6, 2012

While government schools' pass percentage comes down compared to last year, it goes up for matriculation schools

An analysis of State Board's Class X results, which were declared on Monday, shows that matriculation schools have benefited from the 'samacheer kalvi' when compared to government schools in Madurai district.

Even though 'samacheer kalvi,' which brought in uniform syllabus for all types of schools up to Class X, remained a contentious issue last year with matriculation schools expressing their reservations and apprehensions, this year's SSLC results reveal that government schools are found lagging in terms of pass percentage.

While the overall pass percentage of students of government schools in the district has come down to 81.52 per cent this year compared to 83.17 per cent last year, pass percentage of matriculation schools has gone up to 99.34 per cent this year as against 96.51 per cent last year.

"Till this year, matriculation schools were not competing with us since they had a different syllabus. With the introduction of 'samacheer kalvi' which reduced the subject syllabus, they competed with us and actually got benefited. Now, we have to take corrective steps for schools in the government sector," says S. Nagaraja Murugan, Chief Educational Officer, Madurai district.

According to him, it is evident from the SSLC results that matriculation schools reaped the advantages because of 'samacheer kalvi' whereas government schools could not catch up in time due to new syllabus.

This year's overall pass percentage in government schools in Madurai district was 81.52 per cent whereas it was 83.17 last year. Similarly, the students' pass percentage in Corporation schools also came down to 87.01 per cent this year from 88.16 per cent last year.

In Adi Dravidar Welfare schools, this year's pass percentage was only 79.04 per cent when compared to 89.49 per cent last year. For aided schools, it stood at 93.87 per cent this year while it was 94.26 in the previous year. There was a slight drop in pass percentage in the case of Government's Kallar schools too.

Gaps to be filled

"From this analysis, we can say that there are some gaps which have to be filled up in government schools. Matriculation schools became our main competitor because of uniform syllabus and we will strengthen further the teacher training and students' coaching programmes," Dr. Nagaraja Murugan said.

This year, totally 44,538 students appeared for the Class X State Board (Secondary School Leaving Certificate examinations) in Madurai district among whom 40,533 had passed giving the district an overall pass percentage of 91.01 per cent. This was one per cent more than the last year's pass percentage of 90.01.

In terms of SSLC pass percentage, Madurai district (91.01 per cent) stood at eighth position in the State while the first place was bagged by Erode with a success rate of 94.6 per cent.


2012 SSLC Exam Results: Kayalvizhi secures first rank in Puducherry

Pondicherry Govt. announced Rs.1 lakhs cash Prizes for the Govt. Schools which secured 100% Pass in SSLC Exam

Tamil Murasu ePaper

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Kayalvizhi secures first rank in Puducherry


PUDUCHERRY, June 5, 2012

T. Kayalvizhi
T. Kayalvizhi

R. Goutham
R. Goutham

A.B. Thannushree
A.B. Thannushree

A proud moment for her as she also bags second rank in Tamil Nadu

It was a proud moment for T. Kayalvizhi, student of Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School, when she secured the second rank in Tamil Nadu and the first rank in Puducherry and Karaikal in the Class X examination. She scored 496/500 with centum in both science and social science.

She also scored 99 in French and Mathematics and 98 in English. She also got the state first rank in Science and Social Science.

"In Class XI, I want to take Group A – Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – so I can keep my options open in the future," she said in an interview with TheHindu .

"My parents and grandparents were my biggest support and I didn't go for any tuition, instead I turned to my family for help," she said. Her father, an engineer, helped her with her difficulties in mathematics. The coaching she received in school along with her own efforts helped her perform well in her exams.

"Although I fared well in my exams I did not expect to achieve the State rank," she said.

When asked what he wanted to do, State second rank holder R. Goutham of Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School said he was taking the biology group this year so that he could study towards becoming an agricultural scientist.

Goutham scored a total of 493 with centum in Mathematics, Science and Social Science, 94 in Tamil and 99 in English. He is also the first rank holder for English and Mathematics.

A.B. Thannushree from St. Joseph of Cluny Girls Higher Secondary School got the third rank in the State with a total of 492, with 100 in Mathematics, 99 in French and Social Science and 97 in Science and English.

In Government schools, P. Nareshkumar of the Government Higher Secondary School Karayambuthur got the highest marks, with a total of 473. K. Sathiyavani from Thiruvalluvar Government Girls Higher Secondary School and A. Dhivya from Government Girls Higher Secondary School Kadirkamam got the second and third highest totals of 471 and 470 respectively.

In Karaikal, A. Gokulakrishnan from St. Mary's Boys Higher Secondary School got the highest marks, with a total of 489.

Subject-wise ranks

The first two rank holders in the State – Kayalvizhi and Goutham – got the State ranks in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences.

N.S.K. Niranjan Kumar from St. Patrick Higher Secondary School got the State first rank in Tamil, with a score of 98 and a total of 490.

In French, J. Adithya Kevin from Petit Seminaire and David Roubitha Mariecatherine of St. Joseph of Cluny shared the first rank, scoring centum with the same total of 484. R. Mithra from St. Patrick HSS got the first rank in Sanskrit, scoring 100 marks in the subject with a total of 491. For Hindi, Eresh Parashar from St. Patrick HSS got 97 marks with a total of 480.


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Pass percentage up by 3%


The pass percentage in Puducherry and Karaikal for the Class X examination has gone up by around 3 per cent from 88.95 per cent in 2010-11 to 91.67 per cent in 2011-12, Chief Minister N. Rangasamy announced on Monday.

Government schools in Puducherry and Karaikal have seen an increase of 4.25 per cent in pass percentage from 82.34 to 86.59 per cent, while private schools have registered improvement of 0.64 per cent from 96.35 to 96.99, he said addressing the press after the release of the results.

In Puducherry alone, the pass percentage of Government schools increased by 4.33 per cent from 83.75 per cent in 2010-11 to 88.08 per cent in 2011-12. Whereas in Karaikal, the pass percentage increased by 3.88 per cent from 77.09 per cent to 80.97 per cent.

A total of 18,000 students wrote the exam and 16,500 passed. 7,952 out of 8,862 boys and 8,548 out of 9,138 girls passed the exam.

He also announced a sum of Rs. 1 lakh for Government rural schools that had a pass percentage over 90 and Government urban schools with a pass percentage of 100.

A total of 18 schools achieved a pass percentage of 100 including Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Kadirkamam with 207 students appearing for the exam, Government High School, Mangalam with 79 students appearing and Savarirayulu Nayagar Government Girls High School with 75 students appearing for the exam.

There were 14 rural schools – 13 in Puducherry and one in Karaikal – that achieved over 90 per cent pass percentage, he said.

In Puducherry and Karaikal, both private and Government that achieved 100 per cent pass percentage.

There were 27 students who got centum in mathematics, 98 students who got centum in science, 117 students got centum in social science and 15 students – four for French and 11 for Sanskrit – got full marks in language.

This is the first time that the students were appearing for the Class X examination based on Samacheer Kalvi syllabus.



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