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Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi postponed

Samacheer Kalvi postponed

M Ramya, May 22, 2011, 04.17 pm IST

CHENNAI: Samacheer Kalvi will not be implemented in its present form in the next academic year. The decision was taken in the first cabinet meeting called by the new government on Sunday.

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) announced Samacheer Kalvi as a poll promise during their Assembly elections campaign five years ago. After much postponement it was decided that the common school system would be implemented in phases. In the 2010-11 academic year the system was introduced in schools in Classes 1 and 6. Samacheer Kalvi was supposed to be implemented in the remaining classes – from Class 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 – this year.

"Samacheer Kalvi, in its present form, has not been drafted in a way to raise the quality of education of students," said a press release giving the resolutions passed in the first cabinet meeting. "The common school syllabus under Samacheer Kalvi will not ensure quality education for all students. Samacheer Kalvi must be implemented, but at the same time an expert committee will be formed to study how to raise the quality of education. Therefore, schools may follow the old textbooks during the 2011-12 academic year," the release added.


Also read the Tamil Nadu Govt. Official Press Release intimating the postponement of "Samacheer Kalvi" at:

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Parents, students welcome Government move

Express News Service, The New Indian Express

Posted on May 24, 2011 at 02:09am IST

COIMBATORE: Most parents and students seem to be happy with the Government's decision to put on hold the 'Samacheer Kalvi' syllabus for the present academic year. 

"I'm glad to hear that introduction of the 'Samacheer Kalvi' syllabus has been postponed as I'm not satisfied with the common syllabus for all. Though it becomes very easy to score well in the exams, the syllabus is not up to the expected standards, so I welcome the reintroduction of the matriculation syllabus," said S Prarthana, a school topper in the 6th Standard at Sri Sowdeswari Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

S Nirupama, who has entered the eighth standard, also from the same school, was worried about the quality of the new syllabus 'Samacheer Kalvi' in her new academic year. She said, "Many of my classmates were very anxious about how the new common syllabus would be. When we came to know of the announcement that 'Samacheer Kalvi' has been postponed, I heaved a sigh of relief as we will have a chance to learn many new concepts this year, which was lacking in the common syllabus as it only gave us minimal knowledge compared to the matriculation syllabus", she said.

H Sridhar, a business man and father of a sixth standard student said, "Any syllabus should have high standards and help students acquire a higher level of knowledge. If the 'Samacheer Kalvi' system is able to give us that kind of education and standard then it will be welcomed by all parents, but has only brought down the standards," he rued.

Dr Manveen Kaur, whose son will be entering class seven in G D Matriculation Higher Secondary School, felt under 'Samacheer Kalvi' subjects like History and Geography focused far too much only on Tamil Nadu, and there was no option of a second language other than Tamil in the syllabus. "The main reason why many of my son's friends began shifting to CBSE schools was cause they felt the Samacheer Kalvi syllabus was hampering them without giving an option to learn any language other than Tamil," she opined.


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A lukewarm reponse

Express News Service, The New Indian Express

Posted on May 24, 2011 at 10:59 pm IST

CHENNAI: While last year, parents and students were confused on how the Uniform School Education will turn out to be, this year, it is back to the pavilion, with the old system of different syllabi back in the reckoning. They are perhaps a little worried even as the Matriculation school heads and publishers seem to be welcoming the move.

Matric school heads have gone back to their most famous stand: matric syllabus is of superior quality than others. The publishers, on the other hand, are a happier lot, what with orders for the old set of books pouring in from all quarters.

PK Izhamaran, president of Tamil Nadu Teachers Association and HM of the Chennai Higher Secondary School, Kodungaiyur, said, "It is a good move to hold back the books till they are rectified completely. Students who have been preparing for the public exam with the old set of books will not face many problems. After all, it is only a month of preparation. Something has to be done about the books that have already been printed though."

Sami Sathyamoorthy, state general secretary, Tamil Nadu High and Higher Secondary HM's Association, Pudukottai district, had his own fears. "Samacheer Kalvi has to be there. The government can instead rectify the errors and issue the books. Nine crore books already printed cannot bite the dust. For students in rural areas who cannot afford to study at the expensive matriculation schools, Samacheer Kalvi was a hope to cut off the disparity. The government should make sure that the idea to have equitable standard of education should not be diluted. To have a uniform syllabus is one step towards that," he said.

P Somasundaram, a parent of a student studying in Rosary Matriculation School said, "My daughter has already been preparing for the public examinations from the Common School System books. This constant change of syllabus not only puts the student in confusion, but makes the parents insecure. Now, the new syllabus is called inferior. In this situation, what can the parents do?"

Says student, Mahesh Kumar, from Jaigopal Garodia school, "The changing syllabus is confusing. I downloaded all the books under Samcheer Kalvi from the website, as per the teacher's advice since the books were not available in the market. Now it is all gone in vain."

Meanwhile, publisher N Bhaskaran, said that orders for old books were pouring in from different quarters. "Though the publishers are not going to face any problem financially, it is a challenge to bring out the books by June 15. The matriculation school heads have been enquiring with the publishers for the same. We have to print on a rush and it has to be done quickly," he said.

A member of Samba Publishing said, "The prices are not going to be increased as our rates are going to be on par with those fixed by the state government. We are confident that we can bring out the books by June 15. From the morning, there is a mad scramble for orders from different schools for the old set of books."

An official from Black Velvet Publishers said that the prices of books were yet to be decided as it depended upon the orders. "We will print and reprint books as per the orders given by the state government. We don't have any issues with reprinting the old set of books."


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USE: DMK keeps mum; CPM, PMK Oppose

Express News Service, The New Indian Express

Posted on May 24, 2011 at 02:09am IST

CHENNAI: While the DMK, which introduced the Uniform School Education system (USE), is keeping mum on the AIADMK government's decision to put the system on hold for a year, the PMK and AIADMK's ally CPM have opposed the move and appealed to Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Monday to permit introduction of the USE as scheduled.

Though two days have passed since the government announced its decision to postpone the introduction of the second phase of the USE in the current academic year, there was no response from the DMK on the issue yet.

While party president M Karunanidhi is now in New Delhi owing to the case against his daughter Kanimozhi, no other DMK leader has come out with any statement.

Meanwhile, CPM State secretary G Ramakrishnan appealed to the government to take steps to rectify the errors in the present form of the USE while implementing it. According to him, the decision to give up textbooks prepared for the USE at a cost of `200 crore has created confusion among students, while teachers and educationists were disappointed with the move.

Ramakrishnan observed that the USE was introduced after a long struggle by many democratic voices,including students' associations, teachers and educationists.

Meanwhile, PMK founder S Ramadoss termed the decision taken by the first Cabinet meeting of the AIADMK government as shocking.

Recalling that even he had pointed out some lacunae in the present system, Ramadoss felt that these shortcomings would be set right gradually.

Postponing the introduction of this system, aimed at putting an end to the commercialisation of education, would tantamount to checking the growth of an upcoming plant, he rued.


An official Website of State Platform for Common School System: http://www.samacheerkalvi.in

1 comment:

  1. Oh God, It is good that the New Government taken a good decesion.Forget about 200Cr loss -you wanted to give less knowledge persons to soceity after 10 year or you wanted to spend more money to increase the knowledge base of the students.All these days we were talking that Young students are the future of india.Any goverment should try to give Quality education needed at that particular age and standard.You canot bring down the Quality of Education stating that others were not able to cope up.In this competetion world we need to provide quality education.Then only we will achieve the dream of developed state. A very very good decesion by the New Goverment .I was under lot of pressure for the past one year and even got admision in CBSE , but now changing to Matriculation system to my kids.Realy realy the new goverment /Chief minister of tamil Nadu Proved the Word under Her Rule the people can live happily and forget thier worries (Ref TV news on 13th May 2011 by Dr.J.Jayalalitha) She has brought the Education system to right path to compete with other growing states.
    Probably Karunanithi not studied these system thats why he prepared this one.But He has given good educations to his family members.




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